Embody Freedom 1-to-1

PLEASE NOTE:  It is more vital than ever that we give ourselves as much support as possible in maintaining internal spaciousness, resiliency, joy & freedom. In order to meet clients wherever they are financially, sessions are currently offered sliding scale ($70-$120). If you feel called to work/play with me and cannot afford the sliding scale, please reach out and we can discuss what might be possible in terms of an exchange. For more information or to schedule a session, visit Contact / Connect

What is Embody Freedom 1-to-1?

Embody Freedom (EF) 1-to-1 is an opportunity to explore one on one the essence of your own unique and spectacular aliveness.  Our sessions together are about relaxing with joy into who you already are while allowing the fullest expression of “your one wild and precious life” to come forth. By integrating the insights of contemplative practice with the modalities of authentic movement, wise inquiry and spontaneous play, EF 1-to-1 gets you out of your head, serves to “unstick” your stuck places (with joy!), gives access to the creative life force of the body & illuminates the innate wisdom of the human heart.

EF 1-to-1 is not therapy. While sessions may be directed towards any specific area of your personal, professional, social or spiritual life, our emphasis is on presence, creativity and wonder within your unique & spectacular “now” rather than on fixing (past) or achieving (future). While old stories, present challenges and unmet desires may surface, our focus is to dance with these within the context of what’s here now rather than to examine, analyze or pursue them. A typical EF 1-to-1 client has a life that is basically working for them but is looking to explore (read: play!) in ways that have ripple effects — both subtle and profound– in the way they experience themselves and their relationship to all aspects of life.

“I sometimes forget that I was created for joy.” — Hafiz

How does Embody Freedom 1-to-1 Work?

Sessions with Rebecca take place in person (outdoors). Sessions run approximately 50 – 70 minutes each. The session itself could include: grounding, centering and/or energizing exercises, intuitive questioning, conscious / authentic movement, physical & vocal improvisation and SPONTANEOUS PLAY all in support of the client’s own unique path. Rebecca facilitates this process but the client is always in control of both the direction and the elements of each session. The client, in conjunction with Rebecca, determines the frequency of the sessions (usually weekly) as well as the period of time during which they will work/play (usually six to twelve weeks).

“I would not exchange the laughter of my heart for the fortunes of the multitudes; nor would I be content with converting my tears, invited by my agonized self, into calm. It is my fervent hope that my whole life on this earth will ever be tears and laughter. Tears that purify my heart and reveal to me the secret of life and its mystery, Laughter that brings me closer to my fellow men; Tears with which I join the broken-hearted, Laugher that symbolizes joy over my very existence.” — Kahlil Gibran

About EF 1-to-1 with Rebecca

Rebecca has been leading individuals and groups to “embody freedom” for well over a decade. She is a mindfulness teacher, a conscious movement facilitator and a certified coach (via the Levity Institute) with a strong interest and commitment to the cultivation of authentic joy. Rebecca offers a uniquely deep, balanced and lighthearted presence and perspective, holding space that is powerful, fun, sometimes messy, wild & wacky and always deeply loving.

Learn more about Rebecca’s background, endeavors & interests.

What Clients are Saying…

“. . .a delight and, in the best possible sense, a challenge. With great focus and warmth, Rebecca led me to connect to a very real and natural feeling of joy and ease. She worked gently at some of the edges of my comfort and stuck places, challenging me but staying very much an ally at the same time. And she insisted on moving from concepts to right-here-and-now . . . Fabulous.” –Paul W. in Salt Lake City, Utah

“Rebecca acknowledged my true self long before I started to do it. She helped me focus on laughter when everything seemed impossible and offered her unconditional support whenever I needed it. It still feels like a miracle as some beautiful doors opened toward even more wisdom. She was the only person I could work with (at that difficult time) as her approach seemed the most fun, free and yet spiritual.” –Anonymous, Europe

“Hands down, one of the best sessions I have ever experienced as a client.” –Katie West, Levity Institute & Katie West Life Design

“As a direct result of our work together, what was a hard, emotional time became lighter with me becoming more grounded. I felt 100% safe, heard, and uplifted. I was able to move forward with a greater sense of ease and spaciousness, feeling more centered and even buoyant! I now have new tools and a clear sense of more openness to possibilities. “ –Mary Rives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

“The insight Rebecca is able to bring out when we work together has consistently surprised me. The translation of that insight has proven immensely helpful in addressing areas of concern in my life.” –Deidre in Barrington, RI

“The time I spent with Rebecca was so worthwhile for me and I’m still using the techniques she gave me.” — Diane Wheatley in Southlake, Texas

“Rebecca’s sessions have an ingraining, lasting impact.” –Joshua in RI

“Rebecca worked with me during a difficult time in my life – I was undergoing chemotherapy. She made the room and my body feel light, less heavy with the burden of cancer. . . Her presence is gentle and her guidance with laughter made it all easy and fun!” –Carolyn Schmitz in Providence, RI

“Working with Rebecca was really a privilege. She is extremely professional and a generous listener. I not only felt heard, but felt that I was in capable hands and that I could move forward. Typically, my work life feels overwhelming. Rebecca really helped me isolate the attitude that was holding me back. With laughter and playfulness, the old ideas fell away and I was able to take a new approach to my work. Rebecca is a truly gifted practitioner. She has the ability to gently step into the noise and confusion of her clients, and, with laughter and play, opens them up to new possibilities.” –Jody Ross in Minneapolis, MN

For more information about the EF 1-to-1 process & fees or to schedule a session: visit Contact / Connect.

“The mind is constantly trying to figure out what page it’s on in the story of itself. Close the book. Burn the bookmark. End of story. Now the dancing begins.”  –Ikko Narasaki