Visiting Artist Pre-dance Clinics

Select Embody Freedom dances in 2017 include an optional 45 minute Pre-dance Clinic led by a visiting artist in their specialty form (e.g., contact improv, mindful movement, hiphop, tango, African dance, etc). The intention of these clinics is to expand our movement vocabulary so that we may dive more deeply into our own unique expression/form during the EF Dance.

February 26: Sacral Fire with Satta Jallah

“Sacral Fire: A Creative Cross Cultural screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-3-35-22-pmMovement Exchange”

Satta Jallah is a professional dancer and teacher, holistic healer and goddess incarnate. In this pre-dance clinic we explore the sacrum as the seat of our desire and the source of our creativity. Sacral energy is juicy, it is fiery and when combined with the passion & vision of the heart-mind, it radiates out into our lives, our relationships and our creations. Satta will draw on movement forms from across the African diaspora as we explore this fiery and sacred source of life. We will then play together on the Embody Freedom dance floor, drawing from a deeper, spicier and more fluid connection to this often misunderstood and maligned part of our (masculine / feminine) bodies. All genders welcome.

March 26: Fuel & Flow with Robert Rivest

“Mindful Movement for Fuel & Flow”11873681_10153455952731590_6668841778689102112_n

Robert Rivest is a master mime artist (who trained in Paris with Marcel Marceau), tai-chi dancer and an internationally recognized laughter yogi. In this pre-dance clinic, participants will explore a variety of breathing techniques, flowing Tai-Chi/Qigong movements and Mime expression/ articulation exercises to increase both energy and movement vocabulary. Robert will then continue to play with us on the Embody Freedom dance floor as we dive into our dance with greater access to our own inner fuel and flow.

April 9: Contact Improv with Natasha Brooks-Sperduti

“Contact Improv for Conscious Dnatashaance Environments”

Natasha is a visual artist, a yogie, and a dancer. She teaches, shows, and curates throughout New England from the home base of Earthdance Creative Living, a dance & somatic learning center in Western Massachusetts. Contact Improv is her central practice and an expression of “Being With,” which includes creating safe (enough) space for herself and others to learn and grow. In this pre-dance clinic we will playfully explore the joys, pleasures and opportunities present in Contact Improv (e.g., inventive movement, momentum play, touch, and different qualities of attention) as well as simple ways to invite & decline contact. Along the way we practice how to hear, accept, and honor our personal boundaries. We will then transition to the Embody Freedom dance floor with greater confidence in our ability to navigate, explore and play– whether in connection, or not! Complete beginners welcome.


April 30  Visiting Artist T.B.A.

May 14  Visiting Artist T.B.A.

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