EMBODY FREEDOM is an invitation to enlighten, empower and expand our moment to moment experience of being alive. 

The focus of the Embody Freedom inquiry & practice is an embodied recognition of our innate, childlike, wise-hearted, ever-accessible freedom. We do this by repeatedly touching into our own version of HEART-FULL PRESENCE while full heartedly playing in the realms of CONNECTION, WONDER & SURRENDER.  For support, we draw from the rich & varied traditions of contemplative practice, authentic movement, conscious dance, laughter-yoga, musical improvisation, reflective inquiry & creative play.

Embody Freedom has four primary expressions:

  1. Embody Freedom Practice
  2. Embody Freedom Dance
  3. Embody Freedom “Inside”
  4. Embody Freedom Coaching

While the four expressions differ significantly in context, scope and form, they all share the following core characteristics:

  • Require great ALLOWING, rather than great effort;
  • Include the full spectrum of BEING HUMAN;
  • Are rooted in ordinary (extraordinary) ALIVENESS, rather than spiritual solemnity, complexity or otherworldliness; and
  • Recognize with EASE both our own singular brilliance as well as the individual and collective BRILLIANCE of others / life itself.

Embody Freedom points us to a way of experiencing life that includes and transcends conditions and circumstances. No matter what presently binds us– whether literal handcuffs or our own perceived heart/mind/life cuffs–  we can choose (again and again) to lean into that which is already RELAXED, OPEN & FREE.

For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits,
But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom and light.