Biodanza* with Master Teacher Carolina Churba-Doyle

October 26 & 27, 2018: Providence, RI 


*Not familiar with Biodanza? Learn more about this global, fun, accessible and profoundly deep group practice at the bottom of this page. Ready to register? Go to the workshop registration page.

Workshop Intention from Carolina:

“Biodanza music is power and joy, we dance barefoot, we transform into a whirl of music, voice, community. We rest in movement, we learn to slow down and enjoy. In every session I share my music from the places I have lived in, South America, Africa, and visit, Scandinavia, Europe, Asia. Everyone is invited to participate, a simple yes or no, the music invites us to move and come alive again. We finish with a smile from one side of the room to the other, some tears of relief and joy, ready to face the world again! Join us to keep us held in music throughout the year! No experience required, only a yearn to move and express to music.”



Ages 18+. Workshop begins Saturday at 10am and ends Sunday at 5:30pm. See workshop logistics for details.

Our “Dance of Life” Facilitator:

fullsizeoutput_deaCarolina Churba-Doyle has over 35 years experience in Biodanza and is a leading world figure in the form. Her training and students are recognized as being among the best currently emerging from Biodanza training worldwide.

Carolina began her Biodanza journey in Argentina when she was 18 and has studied and practiced extensively with founder Rolando Toro. In 1990, she brought Biodanza from Argentina to London and has since moved into numerous countries throughout Europe as well as Japan. In 1996, Carolina brought Biodanza to South Africa and in 2005, was recognized by the world governing body of Biodanza, the International Biocentric Foundation, as the official licence holder and custodian of Biodanza in Southern Africa. Carolina currently lives in London with her family and leads Biodanza workshops and trainings worldwide.

“Our first obligation as creators is to give birth to ourselves.” ~Rolando Toro
“Dance of Life” Workshop Logistics:

Biodanza20101217101217-45Dates: October 26 & 27

  • Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 5:30pm

Workshop Cost:

  • Weekend Workshop fee: $160
  • Student with ID and Seniors 65+: $130 for the weekend
  • Couples in relationship: $290 for weekend
  • Please register in advance. Walk-ons pay an additional $10.

If finances are a significant hardship for you, email to discuss alternative plans.


IMG_2318To Register for the “Dance of Life” Workshop:

NOTE:  PLEASE PRE-REGISTER BEFORE THE EVENT IF YOU ARE ABLE. Carolina is coming to New England from England. Your early commitment allows the logistics of this workshop to flow smoothly. 

Location: Studio Exhale in Cranston, Rhode Island

Studio Exhale is located at 1263 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, RI 02920.

If you are coming from out of town and need housing, let us know. We might be able to connect you with local dancers who would enjoy hosting you.



Water & Food: We will have jugs of spring water available. Please bring your own bottle (with cap!) for water as well as sufficient snacks to keep you nourished and happy throughout the workshop. Plan to bring a sack lunch –perhaps with some extra to share– for Saturday.

Clothing/Shoes/Fragrances: Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. Feel free to wear your favorite sweats. Feel free to wear your favorite flashy shirt / swishy skirt. Dress in layers to keep yourself comfortable. Most people will be dancing barefoot. If you prefer to wear shoes, please choose non-street shoes or shoes that won’t scuff the floor. Lastly, please refrain from wearing additional fragrances as we have at least one scent sensitive dancer.

What is Biodanza?

bdoct24The word “biodanza” literally means to dance with life. Chilean anthropologist and psychologist Roland Toro created Biodanza in the 1960s as a form of self-development through music, movement & the expression of emotion. In his words, it is “a human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education, and of relearning the original life functions based on vivencias (from the Spanish “vivir” meaning “to live”) induced by dance, singing, and encounter situations in groups.” Biodanza can now be found in more than 50 countries around the world.

Biodanza explores 5 primary lines of vivencia: 

  • vitality (to have more energy & vitality in one’s life),
  • creativity (to be creative in all aspects of life),
  • affectivity (to love and be loved),
  • sexuality (to feel pleasure in all that we do); and
  • transcendence (to feel connected to something greater).

As a practice, Biodanza is about falling in LOVE WITH LIFE.


“What we have to learn in our lives isn’t information or knowledge– we have to learn TO LIVE.”  ~Rolando Toro

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Biodanza with Carolina: Testimonials

“My sensation of life is different. I can feel who, what and where I am, rather than endlessly analyzing and anguishing. Yes, the head does still come up with its agendas and strategies. But this heart connected embodied way of being has grown so much stronger. I trust it more and more.”

“For the first time I was able to conceive of myself as belonging. Not just being on the periphery … but fitting in as a human being and connecting deeply with others and through others.”

fullsizeoutput_ded“Fortunately, I found Biodanza … it was something of a life saver. … I felt renewed, alive and joyful. It felt liberating to be able to dance and loosen my inhibitions without any chemical stimulant. I could have time to myself, to connect with myself, to dance, laugh, cry, discover, connect, express!”

“Impatiently I waited for the course to start in Cape Town. Driving more than a thousand kilometers every month for almost three years was no sacrifice as I was being moulded back, step by step, into the being I should have been all along.”

“I see Biodanza as one of the most effective tools I have used on my life’s journey. It has assisted me in identifying and living my life’s purpose, and to journey as close as possible to the path my soul is destined to travel.”

Shumi-Jose-R“The ecological and social crisis is clear for all to see. There is one solution that is seldom seen – the restoring of the link of love between individual and individual, individual and humanity, individual and the world…”

“My suit of armour has been transformed into a suit of amour. The more love that is applied, the more sweetness, gentleness, tenderness I have felt and the more everything has been put together.”