9 Reasons to Show up & Dance

  1. to meet yourself again and again on the dance floor just as you are;
  2. to move and sweat and breathe in connection to all the various rhythms living in and out of your body;
  3. to be curious about old patterning and new desires;
  4. to connect with the deep corners of yourself (the ones still working out their confusion or longings as well as the ecstatic ones that are becoming more and more alive with each breath);
  5. to connect with other dancers on the floor as reflections of yourself in all manner of forms and movements and disguises;
  6. to play and explore and love what’s possible when you say yes to this incarnation, this impulse, this moment;
  7. to practice living “at choice” by taking risks, trusting boundaries and navigating your authentic “yeses” and “nos” with respect to movement, connection and contact;
  8. to witness (and to allow for the witnessing of) the outrageous and the subtle, the sweet and the salty, the sacred and the profane and to include it all as expressions of wholeness; and 
  9. to practice being the most tender and expansive version of yourself that you can be. 

This is how we begin to EMBODY FREEDOM– not only on the dance floor, but in our lives and out in our world.