Embody Freedom Practice

The Embody Freedom Practice (EFP) draws heavily from (but is not defined or limited by) the rich practices of Contemplative Dance & Authentic Movement. Each Embody Freedom Practice session includes:

  • Exploration of spontaneous movement, contact improvisation and vocal / sound improvisation integrated with conscious witnessing practice;
  • Creative forming through drawing, journaling, working with clay, etc;
  • Deep listening and reflection.

Ongoing peer-based practice groups currently meet weekly at the One Sixteen Calverly studio space in Providence:

  • A mixed gender group on Monday mornings, 10am-11:50, and
  • A women’s only group on Thursday mornings, 10am-11:50.

This is NOT a drop in practice– the depth of the container requires long term weekly commitment as well as considerable vulnerability, risk taking, strong boundaries, curiosity, confidentiality and a high degree of emotional and spiritual maturity. While no authentic movement experience is required, participants must have significant experience in contemplative practice and/or other embodied movement disciplines. Participants must also be comfortable with and open to exploring physical contact.

For more information, contact Rebecca at embodyfreedom16@gmail.com .

“If our sanity is to be strong and flexible, there must be occasional periods for the expression of completely spontaneous movement . . . for following any motion to which the organism as a whole seems to be inclined.”             –Alan Watts